The Right Brew: How to Open Your Coffee Shop Flawlessly
Are you ready to dive into the world of specialty coffee but fear the pitfalls? Join us for the ultimate guide for coffee enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs ready to break into the café scene without a hitch!
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In a comprehensive two-hour session, we'll guide you through the essential milestones and alert you to the frequent missteps entrepreneurs face when starting their coffee ventures.

Who Is This Event For?
  • You are planning to open your own coffee shop
    Dreaming of your own coffee corner in the city? This event is tailor-made for those ready to embark on the journey of opening their unique coffee haven.
  • You are running your coffee business
    Feel like your coffee venture could be percolating better? Join us to discover fresh strategies and brew up success to keep your business steaming ahead.
  • You are tired with 5/2 work and want to switch to business
    Drained from the endless cycle of a routine job? Learn how to grind it down and switch gears into the dynamic world of coffee business entrepreneurship.
  • You are big fan of coffee and want to make it your business
    Obsessed with everything coffee and eager to transform this passion into profit? Dive into how your enthusiasm can evolve into a booming coffee enterprise.
  • Looking for investment opportunity
    Scouting for a solid investment with a caffeine kick? Uncover why putting your beans in the coffee business basket might be your cup of tea!
  • Recent Graduates
    Just stepped out of college and into the real world? Explore how the coffee industry can offer a fulfilling career path that's both profitable and steeped in passion.
Embark on Your Coffee Shop Journey with Confidence
Key Topics to Brew Over
  • 1
    Pinpointing the Ideal Location
    Discover how to select a spot that attracts coffee lovers and maximizes foot traffic. Location is everything!
  • 2
    Crafting the Perfect Coffee Shop Format
    Different strokes for different folks! Learn how to tailor your coffee shop's style to suit various areas and customer demographics.
  • 3
    Aesthetic Interior Design
    Create an ambiance that draws people in. We'll dive into design elements that define successful coffee shops.
  • 4
    Navigating Construction & Permits
    From blueprints to building, get the lowdown on streamlining the construction process and securing necessary permits.
  • 5
    Embracing Specialty Coffee & Diverse Menus
    Offer the brews that customers crave. Understand the importance of specialty coffee selections and a well-rounded menu.
  • 6
    Equipping Your Space
    From espresso machines to cozy couches, we'll cover all the equipment essentials your shop needs to function smoothly and welcome customers.
  • 7
    Assembling Your Dream Team
    People make the place. Learn strategies for hiring and retaining staff who’ll bring energy, skill, and consistency to your business.
  • 8
    Planning a Buzz-Worthy Grand Opening
    Launch with a bang! Gain insights on planning an opening that creates immediate buzz and attracts a loyal clientele.
  • 9
    Mastering Marketing Strategies
    Build it, and they will come – if they know about it! Unravel effective marketing tactics to put your coffee shop on the map and keep it in the spotlight.
  • Egor Kolpakov
    Founder of The Miners Coffee
  • Max Vankevich
    Chief Development Officer
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Date: November 10, 2023 Time: 16:00 CET Price: Free
The Miners Coffee Franchise
Start your very own The Miners Coffee Shop in your city with our franchise program and earn up to €8000 a month on lifestyle business.
About The Miners Coffee
We are The Miners — a specialty coffee roastery and a coffee shop chain.

Initially, the idea was to open a cultural hub for people to work on their projects while surrounded by like-minded and ambitious people.

We opened our first coffee shop in March 2019, and since then never stopped moving forward and kept expanding; from a single store in Slavíkova, Prague, we moved on to open other locations, including one in Barcelona, Spain. As well as a bakery to serve fresh pastries and desserts daily, a roastery and implemented coffee shops in coworking spaces and offices.

We work only with specialty coffee and often source it directly from the farmers. We do all the hard work and put our minds to doing all the research so our customers can enjoy great coffee. No matter how good your coffee is, you will always need a team of skilled baristas to bring the roaster's vision to life. That is why we created a comprehensive one-week-long training program for all our baristas, which they finish by taking an exam, to ensure they have all the knowledge and skills to ensure we are always ready to serve you the best cup of coffee. Another important area is the machinery; our high-quality equipment includes La Marzocco and Slayer coffee machines.
We successfully crowdfunded compostable capsules compatible with Nespresso machines so that you can enjoy our coffee from the comfort of your home, even without fancy grinders and equipment, for a quick but still well-balanced and tasteful cup of coffee. You can read more about The Miners company in articles by CzechCrunch, World Coffee Portal and more about our owners, Egor Kolpakov and Oldrich Valta, in Forbes 2021 and Forbes 2022

We are thrilled to announce that our coffee shops have been selected as one of the Best Cafes in Prague for 2023. At all The Miners cafes, we strive to provide a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, along with great specialty coffee and mouth-watering pastries. We are grateful for this recognition and look forward to continuing to serve the community and visitors to Prague.
Get behind the scenes
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